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I made the MISTAKE of placing an order with this company ( who strung me along with LIES. BTW, they also go by, Fitness4less and Fitnesswarehouse.

Because of these name changes I believe they can not honor6 the "lifetime warranty" they offer; they can just change their name again and poof!! No more warranty. I asked about Fitness4less regarding if that was their competitor and was told they, "Have no competition". That's when the TRUTH should've come out that Fitness4less was one of the previously owned business names.

Deceptive! They LIE about EVERYTHING...even their names. I was NOT told about the company polices during the point of sale like they state in a review response here. In fact, "James", who says he's the owner, rushed me through the warranty approval page.

I thought I was clicking 3 boxes and putting my information in for the warranty because that's what he said it was for. I also thought I was purchasing a pre-owned certified 2017 Cardio Wave (Skating Machine)because that's what the original text from "James" said I would get as an upgrade. I was told that they only had ONE left and that it was the last day of their blowout 2 day sale. After asking him 4 times in one day to tell me what year it was made, with no response, I told him to cancel my order.

That was met with threats of collections, dealing with their legal team, ruining my credit and even a lawsuit. I felt bullied into doing a 60 day trial. Now I know why. The machine weighs 400 lbs.

I could never have moved that out of my house. So I would've been stuck with it and be expected to pay astronomical shipping charges to send it back. I never got an answer about what year it was made until I talked to a "manager". He told me it was 5 to 6 years old.

I told him there's NO WAY I'd buy anything that old, I don't even buy cars that old. So, "James" did a Bait and switch on me...or at least he tried. I found out just how many lies I was told in my conversation with the "manager" who admitted to me that he uses two names after I asked to talk to them both on a conference call. In addition, my account was not supposed to be charged until this item shipped.

Then I saw the charge the day after I told them to cancel my order. I will REFUSE anything they try to ship to me now. Not even if they come up magically with the "last one left " 2017 upgraded machine I was sold. I have every text message from them.

If you have questions contact me. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, and the FTC.

Product or Service Mentioned: Technogym Elliptical.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $3195.

Preferred solution: Acknowledge fraud and no meeting of the minds. There is NO CONTRACT because of the bait and switch James tried to pull on me. .

I didn't like: Total dishonesty displayed by james.

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We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that you experienced. Select employees of our company have been helping many thousands of our valued customers live longer, healthier lives for up to 33 years.

Our company experienced extreme financial challenges and it was unable to pay vendors to ship orders. The company’s President cares so deeply about his customers that he has been injecting hundreds of thousands of dollars of his personal life savings in recent years into the business so customer’s orders could ship. He recently borrowed money so that any remaining customers would also be satisfied in full. We also posted a message in large, bright text on the homepage of our website many months ago inviting customers who had undelivered orders to email us at, so that we could satisfy them in full.

The company has been sending correspondence to customers, requesting that they email us, if they didn't receive delivery of their order, so that we could fully satisfy them.

Should you have any questions regarding an undelivered order, please email us immediately at and we will make your request a priority as your satisfaction is extremely important to us. Health & Happiness, The Fitness Deals USA Team


I am currently trying to contact them about repair on my unit. Diamond Back Elliptical.

No success yet. VInce


This is a VERY IMPORTANT message! If you did not receive your delivery on time, please email us at so that we can ship your order or refund your order in full plus interest.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and your satisfaction is extremely important to us.

Please visit for more information. Thank you.


3 SIMPLE STEPS TO FILE COMPLAINTS AGAINST JAMES ROSEN'S INTERNET FITNESS SCAM.....1 call & 2 emails Call the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs for LA County 213-974-1452 Email online CA Attorney General File a official report: CA Attorney General Email online FTC Federal Trade Commission or call 1-877-FTC-HELP


I also got scammed. Paid w CC and working tirelessly with bank for refund.

What a dirtbag! Everyone please file complaints so we can watch this *** go to jail!


Here is how I filed an official report against aka Fitness Deals USA. Customers need to take real action.

This guy needs to be shut down. CA Attorney General Federal Trade Commission or call 1-877-FTC-HELP


I got duped into paying cash...I have a feeling I'm screwed.


I too was ripped off .. fortunately I filed a fraud claim with my bank and they said it will take up to 30 days to get the money back ..

$2000 .. I ordered a functional trainer directly from manufacture and got it in a week .. so what is wrong with this picture? I ordered from Fitness Deals Dec 04, 2017 and still nothing ..

they just lie, they are scammers .. please if you get scammed like so many with this company, contact FTC and The State Attorney Generals Office, file a complaint .. shut these people down, they operate under numerous names, fitness blowout is another name .. research before you buy ..

I am usually careful but their website seemed so real .. its not.

to Linda #1443339

Linda can you please email


You are both right, he is definitely a crook I am fighting with him now about a refund , how ever i paid with it with a credit card I am working with them now for a refund, when this is settled I will definitely go to the Attorneys general office in Raleigh, NC and file a complaint I will bring with me a copy of all the customer complaints LETS PUT A STOP TO THIS CROOK , Hopefully the AG can and will contact you thru Pissed customer system , they should be contacting you as time progresses


I’m having issues with this company, and would appreciate you contacting me to learn of options as an unhappy purchaser!


The reviews are very accurate. This owner James, is the slimiest piece of garbage you will ever deal with if you make the mistake of ordering from the shell game companies.

(See if you can find what name we are hiding under this week?) Everything they tell you is a lie unless it just happens that a piece of truth is more effective in getting the sale than the lie. They state over and over that you cannot cancel an order once placed because they ship immediately. They state that you will receive shipping tracking updates within a couple days. Over a month later, you not only do not have your equipment, but you also do not have any shipping tracking.

Then they come up with another lie and tell you that they cannot provide you with any proof of shipping because that is private information they cannot release. If they were not busy stealing your money, all the lies would be laughable.

They make a lot of money by not shipping and then charging customers for shipping and restocking when the customer is pissed off enough to cancel the order. These people need to be in prison where they can learn the difference between lies and truth the hard way.


Thanks for heads up. Sorry that you went through this.


Thanks I was just about to make a purchase also with this company, I guess I will go just directly with the company instead I will be paying a little but more but is ok better than getting ripped off or lied about. Thanks once again for your information that really helped me alot about making a big mistake with this 3 names company.


Thank you for saving me from making a purchase with this company!!!

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